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  • Imagination
    becomes reality
Hankook Precision Works – Innovation Tire mold manufacture
Tire Mold Through precision mold manufacturing technology, innovative tire mold manufacturing

and the best 5-axis machining and casting technologies,
we provide core parts of the highest qualities for tires.

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Container Maintenance through Green Technology

With our precise and various container-designing technology and green construction, tires of high quality can be effectively manufactured and managed.

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Hankook Precision Works – Tire manufacture company
Hankook Precision Works –ROSI total solution
Precision Parts Ultra-Precision Manufacturing with core technologies of turbo machineries

We manufacture processed products based on our know-hows and technologies Including 5-axis precision machining and constant-temperature management.

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Hankook Precision Works – Tire 3D Printing
Our work is on going New way - 3D Printing

With the first adoption of 3D printers in the Korean tire industry,
we create tangible results, such as shortened processes and reduced costs, by challenging the industry with new methods and technologies.

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Our Vision Precision,
we make design real
technology in motion

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