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The mold-optimized technology system

We have a range of high-end CAD·CAM software for the production of tire mold, container and other precision parts.
Hankook Precision Works will satisfy all your needs based on our technologies accumulated through experience and research.

Hankook Precision Works – Technology – CAD, CAM, S/W


Euklid is a software optimized for various forms of products and is mainly used in Casting Mold production.
Through the customized modules, productivity and machining are optimized and implemented while a range of Modeling functions are also provided based on the characteristics of each tire form. In addition, it also provides programming sync and other options related to the 5-axis processing.

Hankook Precision Works – Technology Euklid, CAD, CAM system Based 3D service + Auto Modeling + 5Aix MCT Precision programing
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Hankook Precision Works use Unigraphics software, which is optimized for manufacturing engraving mold, to leverage a variety of solutions for modeling and 5-axis machining. CAD and CAM systems with parametric structure provide seamless 2D-3D modeling sync and intuitive display for communication with customers.

Hankook Precision Works – Unigraphics, One-stop modeling + High level modeling + modify 2D Sketch
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